Fig Tree Institute

Re-establish the Hebraic Roots of Christianity

Fig tree is a symbol in the Bible for G-d’s instruction for the nation of Israel and His purpose on earth. Fig trees in the Holy Land provide shade. The word in Hebrew, תּאנה (pronounced te-enah), figuratively means to 'spread out'. It gives the sense of safety and protection. In the Bible when the righteousness of G-d reigns on earth (Kings 4: 25, Micah 4:4), fig tree is used to imply divine favor, peace and prosperity. Before Judah’s exile, G-d declared through Jeremiah "there will be no grapes on the vine and no figs on the fig tree, and the leaf will wither; what I have given them will pass away" (Jeremiah 8:13). G-d uses fig tree as a way to communicate the impending judgment or blessing as a nation chooses to follow or reject Him. Eschatologically, we look forward to the latter days when the blessings of G-d come upon the earth and Israel (Micah 4:1-5). Fig Tree Institute, a non-profit organization, exists to help increase spiritual fruitfulness of both Jews and non Jews through book publications, lectures, and seminars to usher in that latter days. We focus our service in the following area:

  • To publish and to promote literature on the teaching and knowledge of Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth

  • To re-establish the Hebraic roots of Christianity

  • To promote understanding between Judaism and Christianity though lectures, literature, and other means that can be rendered by the organization